What do you see in ‘Southgate’?

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Why do England want to renew Gareth Southgate ‘s contract? Is the FA satisfied with the results it has done in the last three or four years?

Fourth place at the 2018 FIFA World Cup could be a remarkable achievement. After four years of disappointment at the group stage and Euro 2016. They were knock out of the last 16 by Roy Hodgson on both occasions. England has the best chance of unlocking. have touched the trophy or the success But it still stops at the 2018-19 UEFA Nations League semi-finals and again in Euro 2020 that has gone all the way. But it still ends with repeated disappointment.

If you look at the development of Southgate compare to Hodgson. It is certainly an admirable result. and to be proud. But if you consider the quality of the ufabet team with the new generation of players stepping up to cover every position. Until being seen as superior to other nations of Europe already Having misse three tournaments in a row. The FA may have to look at a change.

Of course, Southgate still has the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to retaliate. Because the contract with the FA that expires in December next year. If the results are better than before in terms of details In important games, especially deep cycles Until now, let’s talk about renewing the contract. But this means the FA is happy to see England in its original form. 

Until Euro 2024 does not open the door to changes that could enhance the team even further. In the past, it is see that England had good results because of the players in hand. (Including some players who are not call into the squad at times.) Southgate has quality resources for every position. Especially the offensive line that Harry Kane has stepped up at the right time.