Southgate to secure a new contract until Euro 2024

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Gareth Southgate, England national team manager Close to reaching an agreement with the English Football Association (FA) to extend the reins until the end of the 2024 European Championships.

The report by the ‘ Times Sport ‘ that the current contract players aged 51 years up to the FIFA World Cup 2022 , however, the development of the ‘ Three Lions ‘ last five years, the South Gate reins improved respectively. From the semi-finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, to the Euro 2020  finals

So the ‘ FA ‘ and the former national team defender have agreed orally that once the ‘ Roaring Lion ‘ has officially won the 2022 World Cup ticket . Then it was ready to make a statement at the official pen.

For the wages of Gareth this time is the 3 million – a – year will be increase to 5 million pound bonus if you win the World Championship in Qatar. It is now worth almost as much to hire Fabio Capello with figures of 6 million pounds – on – year.

Not only has Southgate signed a new two-year contract, but assistant Steve Holland has been tied together as a close right-hand man who has sustained the atmosphere in the dressing room and has been in charge of the tactics over the years.  

If Gareth is at the end of a new contract, he will join the FA for more than 13 years, starting from the technical development department. Climb to the top of the manager . Under – 21 national team and the current senior team.