Berbatov advises Conte to add after the market in January

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Ex-Tottenham Hotspur striker Dimitar Berbatov has suggested that his former club need to give head coach Antonio Conte some time to study the team’s potential in order to see the position in the January 2022 market. That should be added as a defender.

Conte to replace Nuno S. Spirito Puerto Santo, who was sacked by winning the first two ufabet games is an impressive one, always one to play without him.  

However, ‘ Birb ‘ asked the 52- year- old coach a little more time, and if there was a chance to add to the team, he should cover up his defensive weaknesses first.  

“ First, Conte has to get to know his own Spurs team . Find out where the strengths and weaknesses are , how he will arrange the team to play. And which position do you want to strengthen? ” Opening your mouth with ‘ Betfair ‘

” Then on the market . C . If you decided to supplement a 1-2 person does more than that , it’s reasonable to buy .”

“ But the urgent thing now is to find a way to make the team play as you want. ” 

“ Ask me where I need to add ? It’s based on performance , number of goals conceded and the result of the match – the slingshot has to reinforce. ” 

” Maybe it’s a midfielder , offensive line is not a concern because we know the potential of Harry Kane and Son Heung – min, so we have to prioritize defending first. ” 

Incidentally , Spurs are rarely in the news with the defender. This is just to name a view of San Vladivostok Ho Norwich striker John Fiore’s comment only.